NEW! Game Board, Mini Flashcards and More!

12:37 PM

Have you been Pinteresting like crazy in hopes of finding fun ways to help your kids and/or students polish those language art skills?

Well, I have ... I kid you not, I have like 8K pins or more. So one thing lead to the other and these cards were born! As an illustrator, black and white doesn't really work for me (or my kids, they don't like it). We need exciting, fun, cute, etc. or my kids mentally roll their eyes and push through the lesson. 

*Drumroll* So I'm really excited to announce that pretty soon I'll be releasing a series of Spanish learning units, a board game for learning Spanish and some mini flashcard sets for language arts (in English).

READ IT! Language Arts Mini Flashcards

The first set that has been released is the "Read It!" Mini flashcards set (you can see the full description and/or buy here) and it includes:

  • 50 mini flash cards (1.8 in x 2.4 in)
  • 10 blank mini flash cards (that you or your students can use to create their own)
  • Instructions/use suggestions. 
It was released in digital format (high-res PDF)  and get this: it's on sale for the whole month of February for only $1.00! Please spread the word because it's only for a limited time  (I can't tell you how many hours and hours it took to illustrate these cards ... weeks for sure).

Here's how we used them at home:

My kids are in 4th and 6th grade so what I did was using them as writing prompts. I let them pick 3 cards and one blank one (so they could create their own writing prompt) and they used those four sentences/writing prompts to build a narrative.

Haha, you can see (above) my son thinking hard on how to link the stories together. 

It was surprisingly fun and refreshing for them, they were so excited to use something new, besides their textbooks. We've also used them with my younger daughter to check her spelling and for her to memorize the sight words (highlighted) in the cards. We continue to use them and it's a fun way for them to break with the routine. 

I have more sets coming out! You can see above how I'm testing the "Easy Words" flash cards as well and pretty soon I'll be able to release the game board and Spanish learning series. Last year I released a unit and after that I began working part time as a freelancer and unfortunately got too busy (I'm still finishing work from last year, it's crazy) and the project got put on hold.

But my kids loved it, some of you loved it too and it's coming back, promise! I'll be posting that info later, right now I'm trying to assess if it would be better to release it as an e-textbook or if it's better to release the units, one at a time. I'll figure it out I guess. Suggestions welcomed! 

Have you checked out my mini flashcards? If so, let me know how you like them and send me any comments or suggestions; I'd love to hear from you and I'm always looking on ways to improve these materials. 

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